How Does an Endoscope Camera Work?

The purpose of this article is to help those who still do not know much about the Endoskop Kamera or the endoscope camera, particularly in getting a better understanding of how this type of cameras works. Hence, the explanation will be below.

In the case of the endoscope cameras, a distinction must be made between rigid and flexible endoscope cameras. Rigid cameras have a lens system that allows the user to get the images they need. Since they are rigid, they cannot be formed flexibly, thus allowing only limited application areas. The situation is different with flexible endoscope cameras. The camera is reminiscent of a cable or hose that can be put into any conceivable shape. So it is possible, for example, with the help of the camera to look curvy corners. The endoscope camera transmits the images to the user via a glass fibre bundle. Very popular are video endoscope cameras. They deliver the image in real-time and at the same time take it as the video for later viewing. Usually, the video endoscopes are flexible endoscope cameras.

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